Uysalkan Architects, founded in 2005 have been delivering worldwide architectural and urban design solutions. The company offers comprehensive services including architecture, masterplanning, regional planning and design.

Led by a high experienced team, UYSALKAN is known for a human and environment oriented design approach concerning the fulfillment of the Client's needs as a clear goal to reach.

The essence of our architecture is made up by an innovative and modernistic quest (search) that we pursue in a rational framework. Meeting the expectations and demands of our clients is our prior goal to initiate each design assignment. The process of the design goes through the filter of our competence in technics and plastic to finally conclude in the building itself. During this process we principally give utmost priority for a an environmental sensitivity. We pursue a plain and tranquil spatiality. Simple and clear detailing, the right choice of material, lights and colouring are the essential instruments to achieve the desired form and space. According to our design philosophy beauty lies within things that operate properly. And operational competence is essential to an edifice (building). A building which is being functionally obstructed by the exaggeration of its esthetical features is against our understanding of construction. The construction of a building does not end with its inauguration. The building is a living and fluctuating organism. The technical, functional and artistic achievement of a building comes only after a long process of operation. We aim to anticipate this process in our first sketches. Design specialization and personal improvement is only possible with enough exercise. The most effective way to obtain this specialization is the participation in competitions. National and international competitions have a special priority in our agenda. For us, it constitutes a laboratory which has great potential for teamwork and motivation. First and foremost comes the passion for our profession. It is not possible to practice it properly without love. Hard working, manner, knowledge, experience and good team working are the necessities that make 'good' architecture.

Rahmi Uysalkan

RahmiUysalkan was born in Mersin-Turkey, 1968. After his graduation from MEV Toros schools he received the bachelor degree at the METU in 1991.

This was followed by the degree of "DiplomIngeneuerfürArchitektur" at the technical University of Vienna in 2001.

During his stay in Vienna for " years he worked with several respected architects like Bernd StanzelChiristophMayrhofer and Paolo Piva.

From 2000 to 2004 he worked with Hoffman&Janz architects as project manager assistant and later as project manager.

In 2004 he travelled to Moscow for free lance projects for a period of 16 months. The following year he overtook the design team leadership for a 5 star hotel in Kiev to deepen his knowledge in high standard hotel design and construction.

Since August 2006 he leads his ownarchitecturaloffice in Istanbulandattendsdesignstudios at thearchitecturalfaculty of Trakya University as a guestinstructor.

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